This week while exploring Cartagena, Colombia I turned 30-something. This week also happens to be the very last week of our 6-month trip around the globe. Talk about all-those-bitter-sweet-feels. The amount of #selfreflection I did this week was out of control. Where does time go?! Seriously someone tell me.

I’m proudly saying 30-something because this year [and moving forward] I don’t want to be labeled with an exact number anymore. It becomes way too much of a focal point or comparison between people (seriously though, sometimes its a who’s younger or who’s wiser competition) which can alter perspective. I just want to feel happy and excited about whatever sun-lap I’m on! #catchmeifyoucan

All smiles on this Colombian Birthday but to be honest, I used to cry on my birthday for years. I’m talking serious waterworks every single year. I had a fear of growing older and losing that coveted youthful glow. I even locked myself in a bathroom on my 27th birthday because I realized I was in my “almost 30 zone”. I actually yelled from the bathroom, “Why can’t I be 25 again”?!? Where were you when I needed you, Tuck Everlasting?!? Yep, my fear of aging was that bad- thank goodness for my younger husband who makes me feel young every day and rescues me from bathroom lock-ins.

But during my recent lap around the sun I discovered a #selflove I didn’t know existed. I reinvested in myself, followed my true passions, and finally took serious action to pursue my dreams. We have all the mind power to create a life we dream of, we just have to turn those thoughts into reality by listening within and taking action. #youownyourownreality 

What I have learned is that it’s ALL about perspective— we choose what we believe and thus what we see. Instead of thinking “I’m just another year older” & checking the mirror for wrinkles 🙈, I am reflecting on all the amazing experiences, wisdom, and strength I have gained in such a short phase of my life. I am so grateful for everything I have built, lost, gained, & accomplished so far & I’m just scratching the surface.

Another year wiser, brighter, & lighter; I’m fully embracing a newfound type of glow ✨ Another lap around the sun HERE I GO!! #rotateperspective #shiftyourmindset

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