Have you spring cleaned your life? I’m not just referring to donating your clothes from last season nor throwing out the chipped coffee mugs with funny quotes on them. I’m talking about taking inventory of everything in your life and getting rid of the heavy unnecessary sh*t.

“Stuff” is just one piece of our lives and is definitely a good place to start.

I decided to begin my spring cleaning process last March and pulled my husband in to help sift through our collective junk. During the process, we realized we were living like hoarders and seriously questioned our habits and reputation as #junkcollectors. We didn’t realize this until we were in the actual cleaning process (sometimes we can all be oblivious when consumed by other things).

After weeks of spring cleaning, we were able to donate 15 huge bags of shoes, clothing, kitchenware, and miscellaneous items like a basket of seashells (yes, you read that correctly). We were living in a 800 sqft apartment at the time and a 500 sqft apartment before that one, so you can only imagine what our place looked like before this needed deep clean.

You know that amazing feeling after you clean out your closet and clear out the junk? You feel so light, refreshed, and proud. It’s a fresh start and you just want to skip around town and maybe even reward yourself by shopping for upgrades. Imagine extending this refreshingly light feeling outside of just your “stuff” and into your overall Life: your heart, mind, and soul.

 You should evaluate every aspect of your life, self-reflect, take stock, and carefully choose what stays and what goes. 

Just like you decorate your home with your favorite things and make it your lovely safe haven, you also design and decorate your own reality. 

You might just be carrying 15+ bags of unneeded crap throughout your life. This weight includes negative thoughts, dwelling in the past, letting in unnecessary stress, toxic people, bad habits, and spending your valuable time on mundane soulless tasks that are basically just draining your energy, pinning you down, and holding you BACK.

You might not even know it yet, but you might be a #lifehoarder. You won’t be able to progress and lift up if you are carrying all that extra weight. You can’t reach your full potential nor highest vibration if you are anchored down.

Here is a 5-step exercise to begin spring cleaning your life:

1. Is there a negative thought or event from the past that takes up too much space in your mind?

If so, focus on clearing it out.

Negative thoughts give us heavy head and leave less room in our minds for the positive ones. Dwelling in the past prevents us from living in the moment and moving forward.

To clear out negativity and pain from the past, focus on what you are grateful for every morning and start a gratitude journal. Convert those painful thoughts into “what is this teaching me and where is it taking me”? vs “why did this happen to me”?

Positive thinking is how we propel forward and upwards, and negative thinking is why we do not. We have all the self-control to let those thoughts in or out but it takes serious practice and self-dedication. You need to pull up the weeds and plant those new seeds for blossoming.

2. Are you pouring your time and energy into a job that is fulfilling and rewarding? Or, do you feel like a robot lacking real passion and purpose (and dread Mondays + celebrate TGIF)?

I know we all have to make that money honey especially because we want specific lifestyles for ourselves, but we should not be putting ourselves through daily misery especially if it feels like the path of most resistance.

We need to invest in our talents, passions, self-worth, and happiness; we need to live and work with authentic intention. Trust me, we were not born into this world to simply conform to a job that we resent or feel like we “have to do” or maybe “seems like a great gig” to everyone else, especially when our work consumes most of our life.

You need to be totally honest with yourself and in tune when it comes to how your job makes you feel. Your work is a huge part of your identity and life. If you are unhappy, you need to transfer your energy into creating a strategic plan to steer your ship to a new realm and create a career path that makes you all giddy inside.

3. Reflect on all the people you spend your time with and your precious thoughts on; think about how they treat you, make you feel, and then set boundaries.

Are you surrounding yourself with positive and uplifting people who celebrate life with you? Those people who inspire you, hear you, cheer for you, and understand you? Are you dedicating most of your energy to those people you love, that love you too? Or do you feel constantly disappointed?

This sounds way easier than it is sometimes. Often times we hold onto people when we shouldn’t. Stay aware and set boundaries.

Most importantly, make sure you aren’t made the villain to those who are victims to their own unhappiness or envy. These people can be the heaviest anchors in your life and will cause unnecessary stress and false insecurities. Let those people go that need to go … if not, the universe will do it for you eventually.

“Everyday you’re choosing who you are and what you believe about yourself, and you’re setting the standards for the relationships in your life. Every day is a chance to start over” ~Rachel Hollis

4. Are there any bad habits or rituals that are draining your battery?

If you are aware of a habit that gives you regret or negative juju–change your perception of that habit and take action.

Staying up too late? Evening rituals carry into your energy and productivity the next day. Start visualizing how you want to feel in the morning instead of focusing on the distractions keeping you up at night.

Drinking too much alcohol? Enjoy that glass of wine followed by water.

Spending hours Netflix binging? Go on a walk or read an inspirational book instead.

My own personal bad habit was how I treated my Sundays. I used to think of Sunday as my “day off of life” or a great excuse to Netflix’n’chill all day and order unhealthy take out. Guess what? I felt like a couch potato on Monday mornings, completely exhausted, and even more anxious around the work week.

I knew I wanted to feel energized and well rested for the week, so I changed my definition of “Sunday” to a day of exercise, being outdoors, being social, and cooking a healthy dinner. This small change alone made me feel so much lighter and happier throughout the week.

5. Is there a fear holding you back?

A fear of change? Or maybe a fear of what everyone else will think if you make a change? Change is good for the soul and helps you evolve, progress, and experience life in exciting new ways. We can’t live our lives in chapter 1 forever. As for fear of judgements? I’m even experiencing that feeling now as I’m writing these words. Every one of us has different goals and perceptions, and everyone has personal opinions. Just remember that you are the only one in control of your own happiness and creating that life you want for yourself. #hardtruth #youownyourownreality


This spring-cleaning process made me even more aware and grateful for the blessings in my life. After getting rid of what was no longer serving me and not bringing happiness, I transferred and poured all of my energy into everything that does. My mind and energy is going directly to my loving husband #bff, amazing family, true friendships, building my own brand, and planning a new fulfilling career.

It’s okay to be a little selfish to invest in your own happiness and move forward with peace and clarity. We all deserve to live a happy, lightweight, fulfilling life at our highest vibration (well… most of us! winkwink) #lightasafeather #letitgo #moveforward #takeoff

How Numerology can help you:

Numerology has played a big part in my path to personally spring clean in 2018, as it was my personal Year of 9 in a 9-year life cycle. The Year of 9 is all about self-reflection, taking inventory of your life, and leaving what is no longer serving you behind. This process preps you for your Year of 1 which is a fresh lightweight start focused on reinventing yourself and as my favorite numerologist Felicia Bender says, “tapping into your unique visions”. I wouldn’t be able to pursue my dreams and begin building a new career in 2019 if I had all the heavy weight weighing me down still.

Unlike sharing horoscopes with others born in the same month, we are all on different #numerology paths based on adding the month and day of your birthday and the current year— numerology blog post coming next month, can’t wait to share with you!

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