Oh, the Places you will Go! My World Journey So Far…


I have visited 36 countries in my life so far, and I plan to never stop exploring.

I’m working hard on writing stories from everywhere I have been, as well as fun authentic city guides for all my fellow wanderlusts.

Where have we been over the past 6 months?  We explored the 21 countries in dark green on this Map + the USA of course #home

The mint green is where I have traveled throughout my lifetime – I have way more ground to cover!

Where I have been around the World ( copy) Placeholder
Where I have been around the World ( copy)

Where am I now? Although I am a California Gal at heart, I am currently living in New York City where I have lived for 5+ year collectively (3 different times). I have a dream to be forever bicoastal!

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