I’m here to rotate that perspective of yours; to help you pop out of the bubble within a bubble that you might be living in, find your most positive motion, and inspire you to believe in yourself and the universe of opportunities beyond.

Most importantly, I want to empower you to live your life with authentic intention and invest in your dreams.

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The 5 Most Unique and Beautiful Views to See in Rome Italy

The 5 Most Unique and Beautiful Views to See in Rome Italy

Oh Rome, you bring me so much peace ... and pizza. Variations of all sorts actually. Thin crust, extra cheesy, all the works. Despite your carbs trying to weigh me down, I have never felt lighter. Rome has a way of romanticizing people which is why it has quickly...

Meeting those people who changed my life, all around the world.

Meeting those people who changed my life, all around the world.

You know the most magical part about traveling to new places? The people you meet. Even if you cross paths with someone for just a quick 10 minutes, their smile can change your life forever. From the most relaxed people I met in Europe, to the happiest and wisest of...

Story Behind If the Sun Set East

Story Behind If the Sun Set East

How often do you think about your rotation around the sun? My guess is rarely to never. We are in constant motion all the time and don’t even notice. This is because we can only tell how fast we are going relative to something else; we need perspective to feel motion....

The Complete Tokyo Travel Guide

The Complete Tokyo Travel Guide

Tokyo oh Tokyo, you shine bright like a diamond. Despite swelling to twice my size from ramen indulgence and Kirin beer gluttony, I really do adore you. I always think about Tokyo. Tokyo felt like a different planet in all the best mind-blowing ways. When I first...

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Finding Peace Within Discomfort in Morocco

If you read my Truth of Traveling Behind the Lens series, you will know that Morocco was not exactly the majestic place I envisioned in my mind when I got there. However, I always preach to travel as often as you possibly can with zero expectations and a completely...

In Memory of Anthony Bourdain; a True Hero

Remembering a Mentor Who Changed My Life, Even Though We Never Met Although I never met Anthony Bourdain, he inspired me to expand my horizons and connect with people around the world Many know Anthony Bourdain as a famous chef with a popular travel series, but he...

How to Prepare for Altitude Sickness when you Travel to Peru

Traveling to Cusco, Peru to visit Machu Picchu? Great choice. I have already made my bold statement that Peru should be at the top of every traveler's bucket list. I would visit every year if I could. However, you can't forget about the fact that you are traveling to...

Why Peru Should be on Your Travel Bucket List

If you haven’t traveled to Peru yet, you need to add this country to your travel bucket list pronto. Cusco to Machu Picchu is a journey you must experience once in your lifetime. Seriously, I have been around the world to 36 countries and one of the most epic moments...