How often do you think about your rotation around the sun? My guess is rarely to never. We are in constant motion all the time and don’t even notice. This is because we can only tell how fast we are going relative to something else; we need perspective to feel motion. For example, when you think about your age, do you think about being younger or older than someone else or do you think about the number of times you have personally rotated around our sun?

Motion flows through everything we experience in our life: our relationships, body image, career path, age, happiness, defining success, and most importantly, our purpose.

We are born to examine the relative and thus compare ourselves to everyone around us when forming our beliefs and perspectives. If not truly in alignment, these beliefs can lead to false purpose and negative motion. This also means we can often live our life according to how others perceive us and what they expect of us, instead of how we perceive ourselves.

Last year I was completely out of alignment and realized I needed to redirect my orbit, find more positive motion, and reinvent myself.

Here is my personal story (vulnerability alert)!

It was the evening of April 8, 2018; I remember the moment like it was yesterday because I had bigger-than-this-world doubts on the path I was walking on but it was hard to pinpoint why. The “Amazing-Life Checklist” seemed to be checked off: incredible husband, loving family, true friendships, adorable dog, living in my favorite city, and working at one of the best companies in the world. But something was majorly off and I was in a guilty funk…

A series of unfortunate events throughout the winter had brought me to a point where I felt like I was hitting my personal rock bottom and did not have any energy left to keep climbing. My soul had finally been shaken up to the point of recognition. Ironically and unfairly enough it can take painful events for us to finally touch point with our inner self which for me had been hiding for a quite some time.

How did I feel that day? I felt like an unhappy robot. I was going through my daily motions without passion and without purpose. I knew I wasn’t living my life with authentic intention. Instead, I was living my life based on how others perceived me and what they expected of me– I had lost touch of my own personal beliefs, passions, and my own expectations. I didn’t want to let anyone else down (like, ever!) but at the same time I was letting myself down daily. I searched for validation from everyone else instead of myself.

It felt impossible to live in the present moment because I kept chasing that next-best-thing, or what I call the “infinite moving target of happiness”.

I was always looking forward to the weekend or that next big vacation. I was solely working for pay-day$. At the same time, I was dwelling in the past thinking of more fulfilling days, and holding onto things that weren’t serving me anymore just because they felt safe and comfortable.

I had trapped myself in a bubble within a bubble [within a bubble] and convinced myself I had to be in there. I would always ask myself, “is this what I am supposed to be doing every single day of my life? Is this how I should be feeling? Is this my calling?” and I would always answer to myself, “yes Laura, you have worked way too hard to get here, so you can’t walk away now”.

We have ALL the mind power to talk ourselves into things, or not. And this one day I finally had a different answer. It was like a crazy awakening. “No Laura! This is not what makes you happy nor fulfilled- you need to make a big change”. I knew at that moment I needed to steer my ship a different direction — I needed to make a strategic plan to redirect my path. It was time to take serious action. #youownyourownreality

It has been 12 months of dedicated focus and commitment to myself, and I am now in a completely new #headspace and have never been happier. Since that spring day, I have spring cleaned my entire life, let go of unneeded anchors, poured energy into my true passions, and made a strategic plan to begin a new career.

The icing on the cake… my husband Bryan and I finally manifested a big dream of ours to travel the world together, which is a dream we had saved up for and thought about for 5 years! We always talked about doing this together, but fear and judgment always got in our way. Not anymore. #ifyoudreamitbelieveit #makeaplan #takeaction . Traveling has been a huge pivotal experience for me while on my path to re-self-discovery.

I have been meeting amazing people all around the world and learning what brings the light and fulfillment to their lives and mine, while finally learning to live in presence along the way.

I have been journaling religiously every day since April 8th, 2018, and came up with If the Sun Set East while writing at a cafe in the East Village NYC last summer. I can’t wait to share all my newfound perspectives and energies with you.

Here are some words of inspiration I have been living by lately…

“A belief is only a thought you continue to think; and when your beliefs match your desires, then your desires must become your reality” – Abraham Hicks

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