CHANGE ~ one of my all-time favorite words C-H-A-N-G-E. I’m talking about that progressive, proactive, positive change. Change is good for the soul and enables us to evolve, progress, and experience life in exciting new ways. Our life is a novel made up of many rich chapters that all begin from some form of change.

Change has been key for me. #Change has allowed me to meet new people who have inspired me or been my muse. Change has allowed me to experience and overcome challenges or find failure which has been the only way to lead me to greater success. Change has allowed me to fall in love with cities and people; I would have never met my husband if I didn’t take a few leaps of faith and embrace the new and unknown. Change has forced me out of my comfort zone which brought tremendous growth, and change has grown my appreciation for all I have built as my version of “home”. I am lucky enough to call five amazing cities my home.

Change has also allowed me to see the world through 35 different country lenses; which is why I am writing this post with soul from #Seoul, South Korea.

If you read 5 steps to spring clean your life, the key to that important process is embracing and welcoming change into your life. If you aren’t happy with any part of your current #lifedesign, then you need to make a plan to make a change. Even a small change can dramatically improve your life.

Do you often think “what if”? Or find yourself daydreaming about something else a LOT, like something else is out there that you haven’t found or connected with yet? Like something is missing?

Or maybe you just feel… stuck?

Here is a little quiz for you to determine if its time to embrace change:

  1. Are you feeling uninspired more than inspired?
  2. Do you find yourself daydreaming more than living in the present moment?
  3. Are you jealous of someone else’s life or accomplishments?
  4. Is there someone or something that causes you constant unhappiness?
  5. Do you feel like you deserve more?
  6. Could you be taking better care of yourself mentally or physically?
  7. Are you self-critical more than you flow in #selflove?

If you answered yes to any of those questions it’s time to make that change my friend.

Changes can be super freakin’ scary, especially the big ones like moving cities or changing careers. But please take it from someone who has made 2-hands-worth of monumental life changes… do not be scared… it’s the only way you can progress and move-on-up into a different vibrational state. It’s the only way to get out of your comfort zone which is the key to progression.

I can also tell you this:

Everything meant to be in your life will always be there no matter what changes you make to better yourself.

Some say when you make a big life change you have to say goodbye to your “old life” to start a new; but I don’t agree through experience. You say goodbye to the person you have grown out of, environments that don’t align with your vibration, jobs that were stepping stones, bad habits, fears, and people who are were only meant to be in a chapter or two. But you always carry the experiences, memories, lessons, and relationships with you for the rest of time throughout your journey. Once again, our life is a rich novel made up of many chapters; we don’t write a new book with every change. Change is just a beautiful new chapter introducing us to new adventures, perspectives, and #personalgrowth .

I understand life doesn’t always allow us to make that big leap we always wanted to and timing is important. Although I’m a believer in necessary monumental changes, a change of any size can be tremendous and life changing. Maybe your needed change is getting 2 more hours of sleep at night to improve mental energy, or working out a few more times during the week to fit into those skinny jeans. But maybe your needed change is landing that brand new job or fulfilling a dream of moving to a brand new city. #Selfreflection and #springcleaning bring clarity to what those changes should be for you right now.

Just remember, you design your own reality and your goal should be to align your reality with your dreams.

You should be in alignment with what you want in your life and understand what brings you pure happiness; and then recognize the changes needed to bring that truest-you #reality to life.

Another quote from the inspiring Abraham Hicks:

“The basis of your life is absolute freedom, the goal is joy, and the result of that perfect combination is motion forward, or growth. Your goal is to find objects of attention that let your cork raise”

Don’t forget to read 5 steps to spring clean your life next which is all about welcoming change into your life.


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