I have never [ever] seen a more beautiful city than Prague Czech Republic during Autumn. If you’re thinking about visiting Prague, I can show you 15 reasons why you should visit in the Fall too; I recommend visiting Prague at the end of October leading into November to be exact.

Misty mornings, blazing pink sunsets, draping willows, and fall foliage colors take over the city just weeks before the first snow starts to fall. 

This medieval city becomes even more picturesque during this majestic time of year, and I just couldn’t resist spending a week photographing the city from every single angle. 

Here are 15 vibrant pictures that prove why you should visit Prague in the Fall when it’s beautifully brisk out:

All pictures taken by Me @LauraJaneHaver with a Sony A6500

Don’t forget to bundle up! More Prague travel tips coming soon.

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